Diversity increases?

There was a school class which comprised only fifteen boys – it was a privileged area and the boys, unable to cope with competition from hard working girls, had been segregated – one of whom had black skin and two had brown, the rest all had white, perhaps you could say albino, but that may be misunderstood. The class was therefore racially diverse.

During the year a Chinese boy joined the class and so it became more racially diverse than it was. It then represented four different races. Seven more boys joined the class later but the racial diversity did not change: some of the new comers had black skin and some brown. The class still only represented four different races. Taking a very simplistic view of the world and the number of races that there are Coco supposes that only if a Red Indian had joined the class would the racial diversity have increased from a representation of four races to a representation of five.

So how does they conclude that racial diversity has increased in the USA?
‘US census data charts increasingly diverse America ‘Population shifts revealed by the 2020 census herald changes to come in US politics as the country becomes more diverse.’’ Coco knows that they do not say racial diversity here, but in the context of the article you try to fit into it a different adjective which does not imply a connection with race. Let Coco know by the comments box if you succeed.

It is clear from the article that there has simply been a change in the relative proportions of the different races, so that the proportion of ethnic minorities (Coco does not like that description but uses it here because you understand it) increased relative to the majority ethnic group. So this is not racial diversity that is at work but a dilution of the white majority.

Is that not what happened in the school class? There was a dilution of the representation of white skinned boys from 12/15 to 12/23. This was quite a significant change, but it did nothing to change the racial diversity. Nor indeed, Coco might add, did it happen to do anything to reduce the representation of the majority ethnic group, as the school, which is postulated and was not previously revealed, is situated in a majority Chinese enclave in a different oriental country whose ethnic identity is not Chinese. Coco struggles to work out which is the majority ethnic group in such a location.

So, commentators when they need to describe a spade they should not call for a shovel. Coco considers that they make more of the material at hand than they should.

By the way, and it is probably not the BBC’s fault that, though it is not so easy to read, the aggregate of the proportions of the different groups identified on the chart appears to exceed the maximum possible proportion of the whole.

US census: Hispanic and Asian-American driving US population growth

There is some recognition of this in the last words referenced by the BeeB: ‘We’re in an age where there’s a lot more suspicion about all sorts of stuff, and data is one(sic.) of them.

When the Athenians heard the truth they were told: ‘The God who made the world and everything in it .. made from one man every nation of mankind to live on all the face of the earth having determined allotted periods and the boundaries of their dwelling places.’ There is only one race (unless by race we mean a synonym of breed as used for cats and dogs) which is the one Paul goes on to describe which is ‘that they should seek God and perhaps find their way towards him and find him’. God has himself provided the way to run this race now commanding ‘all men to repent because he has fixed a day on which he will judge the world in righteousness by the man [Jesus Christ] whom he has appointed.’

His coming has heralded a far greater change than that posited by the article, which we shall see when he comes again to judge the world. Are we ready for that day?