Social distancing success to avoid a second wave

It is spring in Paris. Ooops, Coco’s mistake, of course it is not, unless there has been a strong deflection of the geocentric axis of which we have been unaware until now. Still, it was a mistake and as much a mistake as Coco’s attempt to draw a snow scene. Pooh had also come to understand this, that pencils were rarely inclined to go where you would prefer to go, but would find their own way to where you would not.

It was towards the beginning of the covidavian pandemic around Easter 2020 that the penguins of the isolated Prince Edward territory had implemented for the protection of their fragile avian society a new social distancing policy.

In recent days as spring approached the rising of the sun shed a new light upon the devastating impact of the influence of the pandemic….

There would be no second wave.

Antarctic penguins as spring arrives

The Ignored Genocide of Christians in Nigeria

The Ignored Genocide of Christians in Nigeria

Earlier this year… [Boko Haram] released a video of a masked Muslim child holding a pistol behind a bound and kneeling…

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