Andersen too

Coco has written only a small part of the content of this page.
He hopes by it to suggest an answer to the question that everyone is asking but afraid to voice:
Did it really happen?

On the day of the issue of the indictment Coco was monitoring the DoJ website for the press release, searching for Andersen took him to this press release: FBI Study. Interesting he thought, so he asked the DoJ by email whether a copy of the report were available. Do I need to mention that he has not had a reply? Perhaps his note had been shredded by a firewall somewhere. Now I wonder:

  • What was it that changed their opinion of us?
  • What stones did we turn over that would have been best left alone?
  • On whose feet did we tread?

The apposition of these questions may lead you to think that there is some connection between them, but then if that were my suggestion Coco would be here to praise Cæsar not to bury him, would he not?

On Tuesday 31 May 2005 a verdict of not guilty of illegal shredding was returned by the Supreme Court of the USA.
The honour, but not the livelihoods, of the many who were affected has been restored.