BusTop was first fashioned to adorn the streets of Middlesbrough town early in the twentieth century. Made of cast iron standing aloft on poles of pressed steel, they must have been welcome site to the many tourists who came to that town to admire them.

Their attraction for visitors rivalled that of the famed Transporter Bridge which was, rather sadly, ‘over the border’ and the beauteous attraction of Albert Park which stood alongside the once resplendent Dorman Museum.

Sadly BusTop was retired from service when the authorities thought that Middlesbrough no longer belonged to the North Riding. Of course we know otherwise.

Taking advantage of the disruption of its ancestral home BusTop has been travelling extensively bringing joy to whomever saw it in whatever place it may have been found. Its preferred location would still be on the corner of Oxford Road and Thornfield Road standing proudly ready to be admired by any weary traveller who happened to come by; and who knows, but if one day in the restoration of the ancient counties and towns of England the gracious blue poles will be returned to their rightful places and the people of the town will once more be able to look with pleasure whilst they wait forever at their very own BusTop.