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For those of you who are mathematically minded, let Coco explain that blog are in many ways similar to ordinary logarhythms, such ln() and log10(), but whereas one may expect ||:ta – ta`a -`- ta`ta tata:|| to introduce a popular 1920s dance, the blogarhythms of the present discussion, or perhaps disputations, have more affinity to the e-logs of the 2020s than the dance rhythms of earlier millennia, though there is little doubt, and much evidence to support, that they did not exist in those days though without the prefixes which which we prepend them, and that they were to be found and kept by many a mariner, voyager and seafarer, not to mention artist, poet and Bohemian (a type not unlike the Scythians of Greek disdain), and therein lies the similarity, for in their content, much like their mathematical cousins or near relations, for a linear progression through time, which is surely an incongruous way to speak, for how could one imagine a non-linear progression through time, though one may suppose in a quantum mechanical sense perhaps it is possible, but Coco has not yet heard that it has been proposed that time moves forward in discrete steps, though Coco has heard many more even less probable postulations, the none of which are susceptible to external proof, and in any event are linguistically, if not in actuality, non sequuntur, there is exponential growth in the both the fluidity, liquidity, verbosity and outright wordiness of the content of the said logs, unlike the clog which Coco confesses was abandoned perhaps less than three score years after the parousia of the aforementioned rhythm, lest it became a clog itself in the wheels of progress of the automated vehicular transportation device to which it related, so without any further ado about nothing, do be pleased, whether mathematically minded or not, and if not but rather grammatically minded, let Coco present you with a riddle and ask you to set your talents, art and wit, to a parsing of this sentence, which, if boundless, being careful not to upset our mathematically minded readers, for whom boundaries may carry quite a different, and in the context of a boundary at infinity, complex meaning, and infinite boundaries which incomprehensibly to Coco carry different yet more esoteric designations than can be born in a finite mind, energy were available, would grow beyond its present length, which were it not for the inessential insertion, needless penetration and promiscuous intrusion of an additional, unnecessary, irrelevant and entirely gratuitous sub-clause, such as this one is, have as its length, where the length is measured by the count of the number of whole words, a mere six hundred words less one, in the manner of function operating in a fractional dimension without ever increasing in complexity but rather in such simplicity as would please the genius of the most demanding intellect, until it had far exceeded the capacity of the possessor of such intellect to comprehend the totality of the beauty of the logic that had been displayed before it, and to identify the errors, omissions, orthographic and ontological mistakes and misplaced commas, and with care to explain which ones were deliberately so and which other ones were inadvertent errors on the part of the writer, which will happily confess, not being recalcitrant, and certainly not wishing to be incorrigible, will correct, that which is inadvertent and incorrect, but may wish to retain for the indulgent fancy, which is the cause of paroxysmon in the illiterati, that which has been placed deliberately and wilfully here for the irritance, working up and otherwise general annoyance and grief of those for whom such mistakes cannot be put up with (sic.), but who do delight in being able to offer such correction as may be appropriate in the most possible public manner of those who do so offend the language and bring into opprobation the tongue for which the disposition of their cranial pensivity is composed of the greatest of affections that such a mind can compass, to enter into through the gates of the labyrinth which is before you and delight in the sounds, sights, sensibilities and, when the technology permit it, senses of that which is PureChocolate.
“Roses Trémières” by Berthe Morisot
“In the Bois de Boulogne” by Berthe Morisot
“Young Woman in Mauve” by Berthe Morisot

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Framed images

As you may be aware there are three images on this page. They are paintings by Berthe Morisot, of whom Coco knows next to nothing, but that these painting were chosen as the default images for one of the themes behind this site, and that the paints that have been chosen for them reflect rather more the higher than the lower wavelengths of the visible spectrum of light.

Overlap columns

Overlap columns are what you may use when you wish to represent numbers with more than sixteen significant digits, and may wish to perform arithmetic calculations with them. Quite how this sits into the world of publishing, Coco is unsure as Coco has difficulty enough with reading without giving the page the appearance of a palimpsest.